CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Starting Tuesday night, QC Social Lounge will be hosting a live stream for 10 nights featuring DJs from around the country. All of the proceeds for the event will go straight back to frontline heroes in Charlotte.

The livestreams are a way for DJs, like Charlotte DJ Domii, to give back to police officers, firefighters and health care workers, putting everything on the line for the community.

“They’re being very safe about it, but I know their supplies are limited,” says Domii.  “So we’re going to donate to them and they’re going to use that to get like hand sanitizer, masks, all the things they need to keep working.”

To join in on the party, all you have to do is watch on one of QC Social Lounges social media platforms to see the live stream.

The event will start Tuesday, May 5 at 9 p.m.

You can also find a link to the GoFundMe account for the event at its Facebook page here.