CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Spring is often a busy time in Charlotte with events galore, and people spending time outside.

The coronavirus has halted events like open-air markets, leaving small businesses without a place to showcase their products.

One Charlotte small business owner is doing her part to try and help small businesses get their products to people.

Jordan Dollard is the Chief Retail Strategist for Esther and Elsa Retail and coordinates Front Porch Sundays, an open-air market in South End.

“It’s all local vendors that come out, local food trucks, anything from sunglasses, to clothing, to handmade candles and the like,” Dollard says.

The market happens once a month from April through December and is a chance for businesses to get in front of customers.

“There’s nothing like getting in front of somebody, and selling your product, and connecting face to face,” Dollard says.

It’s a big reason why Stacy Bryant, the owner of A Wink and a Nod, loves going to markets.

“It's really been a great source of growing my business,” Bryant says. “I’ve gotten lots of business not only at events but also follow-up business from them."

With markets on pause because of the coronavirus, Dollard wanted to help her loyal vendors. She created Market in a Box, curated boxes with items from local vendors to be picked up or shipped around the country.

“They benefit from it, from getting a very unique, curated assortment of products for themselves while also supporting Front Porch Sundays,” Bryant says.

“We’ve shipped to Texas, a few boxes to Texas,” Dollard says. ”We’ve shipped to Alaska, we have a few going out to New York today.”

While it’s not the same as spending Sundays with their friends and fellow business owners, Dollard is hopeful the little box of joy, makes a big difference for small businesses.

“Their ideas and what they’ve invested in still do matter,” Dollard says. “It may not be the same amount of revenue that they’ve always had, but it’s enough to keep them still going.”

To shop the Market in a Box collection, click here for more details.