RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- The Better Business Bureau Of Central And Northwest North Carolina is warning about an old scam popping back up on social media during stay-at-home orders. The BBB said “The Blessing Loom”, or “The Circle”, promises money to people who are vulnerable and looking for a way to feed their families.

It is a ploy that promises that if you put in $100 and recruit people to join your circle, you will walk away with $800 dollars. But your friends or acquaintances sharing this probably don't realize it's the classic definition of a pyramid scheme, which the Randolph County Sheriff Greg Seabolt said is illegal in North Carolina.

"When people play this game and they get took for a lot of money, they're embarrassed. We want them to go ahead and come, report it, and maybe we can work towards getting some of that money back. You'll help in allowing another person not to be taken,” Seabolt said.

"They kind of fall through and you never end up getting that $800 you were promised, let alone that $100 that you put in,” said Lechelle Yates with the BBB.

The BBB said in addition to the threat of losing your money and getting arrested, you can also get hacked by posting your Venmo and Cash App information publicly to recruit for your circle.