CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The world's leading medical researchers are rushing to find a treatment for COVID-19 with the help of the most powerful and advanced supercomputers in the world.

Researchers aross the globe are submitting potential treatments and cures to the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium.

The consortium, using a network of supercomputers and laboratotires, can run through simulations to narrow down or rule out drug compounds to use in a cure much faster than traditional methods.

"It's a means by which one can begin to analyze tremendously complex or large problems," says Vice President of Technical Computing at IBM Cognitive Systems Dave Turek. "Pharmaceutical companies may have billions of compounds that could be potential drugs."

Any researcher can submit proposals to the consortium for the supercomputes to run through.

"So, there are very novel techniques, specifically using A.I. on these supercomputers that are beginnign to speculate about new kinds of molecules that could be created to treat COVID-19," says Turek.

All the results are published online, here.