CHARLOTTE, N.C. - What are you doing this weekend?

Folks in Charlotte asking themselves that same question often check out Charlotte on the Cheap.

It's a website and newsletter with free and affordable events across the area. 

Charlotte on the Cheap now has millions of visits each year.

Jody Mace founded the website after the recession, when she and her husband were in between jobs.

Mace was already figuring out have to navigate the city on a budget. With the website, she found out how many people are trying to do the same.

Mace said the real point of the website isn’t showing people what’s happening in the city. It’s showing people how, even without money, they can take part in their community.

“You should be able to get out in the community, you should be able to enjoy what the city has to offer no matter how much or how little money you have,” Mace said. “There’s something here for everybody.”

Check it out at