CHARLOTTE N.C. -- While 7.4 million Americans rely on insulin to live, the price of that medication is causing some diabetics to ration their medication with devastating risks.

Katelyn Wackerman went seven years without insurance and couldn’t afford her insulin.

The amount patients spend on insulin each year doubled from 2012 to 2016, with the average patient paying about $475 a month, According to Reuters.

Skipping doses and trying to ration insulin eventually caused Katelyn to get diabetic retinopathy, which left her blind.

“I feel like people need to know [about the cost of insulin] because at the end of the day the pharmacutical companies are getting away with murder,” Wackman said. “They are making the prices criminal. It’s killing us.”

Wackman has started a blog to document her journey through blindness.

The American Diabetes Association has a petition calling for lower insulin prices.