CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hundreds of birds have been taken in by the Carolina Waterfoul Rescue after flying into the NASCAR Hall of Fame's large glass windows.

According to the Rescue, roughly a third of the 310 birds found Tuesday night were dead on arrival, 10 had to be euthanized, and 102 are severely injured with broken wings, legs or other fractures.

They say the other third appears stunned and will hopefully be released in a few days.




The NASCAR Hall of Fame released a statement saying:

Last night we learned that a large number of birds had flown into the glass exterior of our building. We are extremely grateful to Charlotte City Services, the Animal Control division of CMPD and Carolina Waterfowl Rescue for their prompt response and for handling the situation with great care and compassion. We are saddened by this very unusual and unfortunate event, and are very appreciative of the professionalism and response of our City partners who assisted last night. Animal Control has confirmed there are not any health issues that might affect the public, our guests or employees.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with representatives from The Audubon Society and learn what may be the root cause of this regrettable incident. The NASCAR Hall of Fame Plaza is a public space that is frequented well into the night, and evening events are a critical component of the NASCAR Hall’s success. Finding a balance between operations and safety is our goal.  After learning more, we are willing to evaluate potential adjustments that we hope would mitigate future occurrences.  Following the conclusion of a scheduled event at the Hall tonight, we will reduce lighting to a minimal level. Continued dialogue to address concerns regarding this matter is important to us.


This video from Holl Belle shows the birds on the ground outside the building.