CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Typically doorbell cameras catch people doing something wrong. One Charlotte woman says when she looked at her video, she saw an unexpected good deed.

  • CMPD Officer Rafael Garcia dropped off canned goods to a charity founder's home
  • A screenshot of the video was shared on Facebook
  • Venezuelans in the Carolinas' next fundraiser is November 2

At this year's Latin American Festival, CMPD Officer Rafael Garcia met Aivel Gordils, the founder of Venezuelans in the Carolinas. The charity sends food and medicine to Venezuelans in need, and helps Venezuelans who have relocated to the Carolinas. 

Officer Garcia says he wanted to show his support, so he collected canned goods and dropped them off at Gordils' home, completely unaware that he was being recorded on her Ring doorbell camera. 

Gordils shared the picture to Facebook because she wanted to show the Hispanic community that officers are here to support them. 


"To know that these people, yes they are in blue uniforms, but they're humans, and they're here to help," Gordils said. "So having seen, or witnessed him coming to my house, with donations, it was a wake up call that's like, you guys need to know that they're here to help you."

Gordils says her next fundraiser will be November 2, as she starts to collect donations for the holidays.