CHARLOTTE — There’s a house in Charlotte helping its residents have hope. 

Two-year-old Taylor and her mom Octavia Lindsay live in a neat yellow house in Charlotte, a haven for those who have nowhere to turn. Gracious Hands Transitional Housing for Homeless Women and Children says it was paid for by prayers alone.

"I used to say, when I hit the lottery, that this was something that I was gonna do," founder Sonja Chisolm says. "God said, naw, when I gave you the vision, that is the lottery.” 

A stranger paid the entire bill for the home for single moms. 

It’s a sanctuary Sonja wished she had while raising her three children. She’s now teaching other women to believe. She says she doesn't see herself as an Everyday Hero, but someone who's been in her resident's shoes. 

"Everything I went through in my life was so there would be no judgment when these women walk through the door," Sonja says. 

She says God gave her a vision to open ten houses -- so she won't stop here. 

“Since being here for two months, I feel more empowered as a woman than I’ve ever felt in the last four years,” resident Megan Feltis says. 

After taking credit repair courses at Gracious Hands, Octavia’s now putting faith into action, looking for a permanent place Taylor can play. She's applying to secure her own home.

“We deserve this,” she says.