JULIAN, N.C. -- The Julian Fire Department has parted ways with two of their volunteer firefighters following a heated exchange on Facebook. 

  • Caleb Folwell, a volunteer firefighter, commented on Laura Burns' Facebook comment.
  • She posted the screenshots calling him out, and called the fire department regarding their volunteer. 
  • She claims the man who answered the phone began to defend Folwell's statements. 
  • Both firefighters are no longer affiliated with the Fire Department.

It all started when Laura Burns was scrolling through her feed and decided to comment on a post about immigration detainment centers. 

Burns explained, "He replied to my comment [saying] personally he thinks that they have gone too easy on the immigrant children, and that we should exterminate them all and broadcast it on national television in Mexico so that they know not to come here or they will die.” She continued, “Honestly, I felt embarrassment, because I’ve been in emergency services for nine years now. To be that racist and full of hate towards a group of people, it’s just unbelievable. When people call 911, they shouldn’t be afraid that they’re going to be discriminated against or treated poorly because of their nationality.”

She posted the screenshots calling Folwell out. When she called the fire department, she says a man on the other end of the line defended Folwell.

Wednesday, Guilford County Emergency Services issued a news release regarding the incident. They wrote, “The remarks posted, and subsequent actions by a second member, do not represent the community-oriented values of this department. By action of the board of directors both individuals involved are no longer affiliated with the Julian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department."