CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- School is wrapping up, which means students will soon be on summer break. Some parents may still be looking for camp options, but they also don't want to spend a fortune.

  • Meck Ed says many programs are still accepting students for summer sessions
  • An interactive may can help parents find the right program for them
  • Coordinators say they want parents to save money while students have fun

Meck Ed in Charlotte created an interactive map with camp options for students of all ages. Parents can set filters based on an age range and cost. Some of the camps listed on the website are completely free. 

The goal is to help students have fun, while also saving parents money. 

"A lot of times, after school care or summer programs are left to the side because there's other priorities such as food, such as babysitting your younger siblings, and a lot of times the kids are left to be home or sometimes they're out in the streets," says Tiyana Brown, the executive director of Charlotte Next.  

Camp coordinators say while the camps may be budget-friendly, students are still experiencing top-notch programs. 

"Though it is low cost, it's high quality," says Kim Roseboro with Firm Foundations, Inc.  "A lot of times people see that and they compare it to a camp that may be $175 a week, and think that our quality is not as good. But it is. Our kids are doing great, awesome things, but we need to make it affordable."

Meck Ed says many programs are still accepting students for summer sessions. The interactive map can be found here.