NORTH CAROLINA -- Voters are set to head back to the polls this week for the District 9 congressional primary.

A new election was ordered after an investigation into election fraud for the race in which Republican Mark Harris declared victory over Democrat Dan McCready. Harris is not seeking the seat in the new election.

Only Republicans will be voting in this primary, as McCready is the sole Democrat running. 

The Republicans in the race include: State Senator Dan Bishop, former Mecklenburg County commissioner Matthew Ridenhour, Union County commissioner Stony Rushing, Stevie Rivenbark (who is the youngest candidate at 32), Raleigh attorney Chris Anglin, Harrisburg, realtor Leigh Brown, Cornelius resident Kathie Day, former state legislator Fern Shubert and Gary Dunn, and Albert Lee Wiley Jr., who both have previously ran unsuccessfully for multiple local and state offices. 

There is also a Libertarian candidate, Jeff Scott, and Allen Smith, who is a Green Party candidate. 

While ealry voting begins this week, there may not be many people heading to the polls.

The Board of Elections in Mecklenburg and Union Counties are hoping for a 15%-20% turnout. In Mecklenburg County, polling places open as early as Wednesday morning. The Board of Elections is choosing to open locations just outside district lines to try and make it more convenient for voters.  

Eric Hberlig, a political science professor at UNC-Charlotte, doesn't think the voters will turnout for the primary election. "Often in local primary elections you have turnout of less than 10 percent. This time, it's just a congressional race with maybe a few other local elections sprinkled in, so I don't see it being likely you're going to get much beyond what you would for a normal election primary," he says.

Early voting begins Wednesday, and the primary election is May 14. If there is a run-off, that will take place in September, with the general election taking place in November.