DAVIDSON, N.C. – It is no secret that selling a home can be difficult but, for the mayor of Davidson, selling his parents’ home recently became a nightmare.

  • Two people were arrested for squatting in a $2 million home in Davidson.
  • The pair claim to be part of the Moorish Nation. 
  • They were removed from the property. 

The lavish property at 1150 Concord Road formerly belonged to Russel and Patricia Knox. Following their deaths, the property was listed for sale and two people decided to move in, without buying it first.

According to the town, Turmaine Tyron Thorne, 30, and Taqiyah Barber, 35, used a hidden key to gain access to the empty property on January 4.

They used a 26-foot long Uhaul to move property in and parked their Dodge Charger in the garage.

A member of the Knox family discovered the pair and called the police.

Upon arrival, Barber and Thorne refused to allow officers to enter the property. But they were arrested once the family provided documentation proving that the ownership of the property had not been transferred.


Barber and Thorne claim allegiance to the Moorish Nation, which many squatters have used to claim rights to homes which they have not purchased. 

The suspects filed a quitclaim deed with the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds claiming they have legal cause and ownership of the property on January 3.

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They were both arrested and charged with breaking and entering and resisting a public officer. They have both already made bail.

Thorne is expected to be back in court on February 7, and Barber is expected to be in court on March 7.

It is unknown if the pair caused any damage to the home.

The property is currently listed on Zillow.com for $2 million.

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