WAKE COUNTY, N.C. -- From soccer practice to doctors appointments and afterschool activities, the daily to-do list can quickly grow as parents cart their kids around town.

However, a Triangle business is making it easier for working families to meet their transportation needs with a ride service called ‘GoKart’.

The company has a similar concept to Uber, but it's for children and specializes in getting kids from place to place.

GoKart launched in 2016 by Stacy Shannon, a single mother of three from Cary.

Shannon says she came up with the idea after dealing with her own transportation struggles. She experiences the challenges of getting her children to various sports and after-school activities while managing her own professional responsibilities.

Since then, the company expanded significantly with 80 drivers serving the Triangle region and Johnston County.

"I found there are so many parents just like me who struggled getting their kids to practice," said Stacy Shannon, co-founder of GoKart.

All GoKart drivers are required to have previous child-care experience, a 7 year federal background checks (which includes the national sex registry), a drug screening, references, and an interview by the senior GoKart team.

"I built GoKart on the foundation of driving my own kids. So when I think about the drivers I hire and the parents that I speak to about what they are looking for, I really built it for them. This is exactly what I would want,” Shannon added.

Several parents say they’re confident in the service and the safety measures in place.

"It has really streamlined things for us and allowed our kids the ability to maintain the sports they want to be in and get to where they want to be at a certain time without us having to really alter our life," said Jesse Worobel, a parent who uses the GoKart service for his children.

The service operates weekdays between 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and books with 12-hours notice of the rides.

GoKart recently launched a new IOS app for parents to book rides from their smartphone.

The company is currently in the process of releasing an Android version of the app and plans to expand the service to other parts of the state and region.

For more information about GoKart, click here