JAMESTOWN, N.C. – If you grew up in the Triad, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the legend of Lydia’s Bridge.

  • Legend says a woman who died at a bridge in Jamestown in 1920 haunts the area to this day.
  • Local authors were able to find her death certificate and grave site.
  • The book can be bought online.

The legend says a woman named Lydia died in a crash at the bridge in Jamestown in 1920, and to this day people still claim to see her.

Michael Renegar and Amy Greer wrote a book about the specter called Looking for Lydia.

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Renegar says her real name was Annie Lydia Jackson and she was a 35-year-old woman who lived in Greensboro.

“It was a Sunday night,” explains Renegar. “It had been raining, it was foggy. He lost control of the car. It overturned just short of the underpass. The driver's name was James Clyde Hutchison. There were two other people in the car who were also injured. He took off running, which is another thing that fits the ghost story."

Through Guilford County Records, Renegar and Greer were able to find Annie’s death certificate and her grave site.

The book can be bought here.

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