CLEVELAND COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA – The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office announced Monday that they have found two new possible clues in the Asha Degree missing persons case.

Previously reported:

Cleveland County officials are reaching out to the public via Facebook, letting people know they haven't stopped working this case.

Degree disappeared from her Shelby home in the middle of the night on Valentine's Day in 2000. The FBI has said that Degree was spotted by several drivers walking on NC Highway 18 . She has not been seen since that night.   

Since then, family members and law enforcement officers have worked tirelessly to find out what happened to her. Officials have insisted for years that her disappearance is not a cold case. The case has garnered national attention over the years and has been profiled on several true crime shows.

Several years ago, they released an age progression photo of what she would look like. Now, on their Facebook page, the sheriff's office included photos of two new clues.



They're looking for anyone who might recognize a Dr. Seuss book titled "McElligot's Pool.” It was checked out from Fallston Elementary School’s media center. They are also a photo of a concert t-shirt for the New Kids on the Block.

"Asha Degree is Shelby's sweetheart. And we know that everyone in this community, wants the same thing when it comes to this case. And that's to find out what happened to her, and to bring Asha home,” said Detective Jordan Bowen with the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department.

Degree was 9 when she disppeared and would be 27 today. 

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office at 704-484-4822. There's a reward of up to $45,000 in the case.