CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte has the worst commute times in the state of North Carolina, according to the latest data from the Census Bureau. Drivers spend an average of 25.5 minutes traveling to work.

  • Charlotte has the longest average commute time in the state.
  • Durham has the second longest. 
  • Officials throughout the state say they're working to improve traffic congestion. 

"No one wants to sit in traffic, but we're a growing city and that comes with the territory" says Tiffany Wright with AAA Carolinas. Wright says Charlotte's boom is likely a big factor in the longer commute time. "When it's estimated that between 50-60 people move here a day, it's great because it shows we're growing as a city. And, when you grow as a city, unfortunately, what comes with that is congestion and traffic."

Other cities across the state were close, like Durham where drivers commute for about 24 minutes on average.

In Raleigh, drivers commute for about 23 minutes, and in Winston-Salem the average is little over 20 minutes.

Commuters in Greensboro and Wilmington spend under twenty minutes heading to work.

The times include any means of transportation.

The Charlotte Department of Transportation says they're working to further support alternative methods of transport in 2019 to hopefully improve commute times.

That includes a $12 million investment for pedestrian safety and $4 million more for bike travel.

"It's great to see other modes of transportation coming to the city, like what we've seen in uptown with the ride share bikes and scooters. Time will tell if they will eliminate or ease that congestion," says Wright.

Even with traffic, Charlotte's drivers are still commuting a bit less than the national average, which is about 26 minutes.

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