RICHLANDS, N.C. -- A video of men lighting a live snake on fire has sparked conversation on Facebook. 

  • Video is circulating of men lighting a live snake on fire.
  • Incident is said to have occurred at Richlands Walmart.
  • Video link below. 

UPDATE: 2 charged after snake burned alive at Onslow Walmart

The video, which claims to take place in the Walmart parking lot in Richlands, shows men gathering around a snake and using some sort of blow-torch device to light it on fire.

The snake can then be seen writhing in pain as one of the men sprays it with something. 

A Walmart employee can also be seen watching the event transpire. 

Onslow County County Animal Services is investigating the incident.

In a statement released by Walmart the company says: 

We do not tolerate the mistreatment of animals and are working with Animal Control Officers to quickly and thoroughly investigate the actions shown in the video. Appropriate steps will be taken to help ensure this unacceptable behavior does not continue.

The video has been deemed too graphic to display on this website, but those who wish to see it can view it here

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