KANNAPOLIS, N.C. -- The North Carolina Research Campus has a new lab to celebrate.

  • Researchers at the campus say they are ready for the new addition
  • Lab located in the David H. Murdoch Research Institute building
  • Company hopes to advance medicine and holistic health

Wisconsin-based company Standard Process opened their state-of-the-art Nutrition Innovation Lab in Kannapolis Tuesday morning.

The company hopes by being on site, they will be able to collaborate with other researchers as well as help complete clinical trials to advance medicine and holistic health.

"The whole concept of traditional medicine has really been focused and targeted on trying to address the symptoms or the whole pill for an ill frankly,” says John Troup with Standard Process.  “What we're more concerned about is the whole patient, and really understanding the fundamental root causes that led to a disease state or some kind of a compromised health status."

The company's new lab is housed in the David H. Murdoch Research Institute building.



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