HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Some choir students in Cabarrus County have the chance to perform at the Vatican, but could use assistance getting there. 

The students at Hickory Ridge High School were invited to perform in Rome and in the New Year's Day parade. For some, the concern right now is funding the expensive trip. 

Kirby Treadaway, the school's choir director, is asking anyone who can donate to help give the students an experience they will never forget. 

"What if this changes that young woman, or that young man's life so that they have an impact on someone else later down the line? That's what I would ask someone to consider, is consider the impact they could have based off this experience they're going to have in Rome," Treadaway says. 

The students say they are working to put together more fundraisers, hoping it rakes in the last bit of money for this trip. Anyone who wishes to donate, can drop off donations at the school located at 7321 Raging Ridge Road in Harrisburg.