CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Evangelist Franklin Graham says it’s time to boycott Target after reports surfaced that a man exposed himself to a girl in a women’s restroom.

The incident he is referring to on his Facebook post happened at a Chicago location, but the report hits close to home as North Carolina recently marked its anniversary of the controversial bathroom bill.

According to a report from NBC affiliate WMAQ-TV, a child went to the restroom with her mother and a drunk man later followed. They say the man insisted that he had to use the restroom and is accused of showing his genitals to the child who was inside a stall.

Back in 2016, Target released a statement on the debates surrounding proposed laws in several states regarding who goes into what restrooms. “We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” a press release says.

The report from Chicago also says a Target spokesperson commented on the incident saying the man pushed the child out of the stall, used the restroom and left.

“At Target, the safety and security of our guests in critically important to us,” and “Immediately after a guest notified us of the incident, we called law enforcement and provided them with video footage from our store entrance to help with the investigation,” the report says.

Wednesday, Graham announced a boycott to his nearly 7 million followers and calls the incident, “so preventable,” and asks, “Why is anyone shocked?”

Some people in his comments say they stopped shopping there a while ago since the store released its stance. Other people are questioning the suspect, not the store’s policy.




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