CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A new tutoring program in Charlotte is helping elementary school students improve their reading skills. 

United Way and Read Charlotte launched the Tutor Charlotte program this year. 

The program gives one-on-one tutoring to at-risk students and those in lower income areas. 

Tori Kendrick, the Senior Manager of Tutor Charlotte, says 60 percent of students in the third grade aren't reading at their grade level, which is why tutors are starting with kindergarten students to create a foundation for a better education. 

"You have to start early with actually making sure students have the fundamentals, and they know how to read, because that's something that's used in several different subjects. You have to know how to read in order to solve math problems, you have to know how to read to do things in history, and in science," Kendrick says. 

The program is looking for more volunteer tutors. Click here for more information. 

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