NORTH CAROLINA -- We're two weeks into the new year, and Spectrum News is helping you stick to your 2018 financial resolutions.

For folks just starting to save towards retirement this year, experts from Wells Fargo say the best method is to start by maxing out your employer match on your 401k.

People without a 401k can invest in an IRA.

Experts recommend aiming for a 10% contribution of gross income towards savings by the end of the year.

"So if you're a little bit afraid of how it's going to impact your cash flow, you can start with three percent," Managing Director of Investments for Wells Fargo Advisors Joy Kenefick said. "Then see how it goes for a month or two, then turn up the volume. Now you're at 5 percent."

Long term, 20 percent of gross income going to savings is an ideal goal.

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