CHARLOTTE -- Community members are coming together to figure out what they can do to help failing schools in Charlotte.

Saint Luke Missionary Baptist Church held a workshop Saturday to brainstorm ideas on how their community can volunteer to help kids in low-performing schools.

It’s a hot topic as the CMS Board of Education drafts a new student assignment plan this year, which could allow students in failing schools to have easier access to other magnet programs.

But Shamaiye Crenshaw, who has kids in Thomasboro Academy, says she'd like to focus on increasing community support to every home school first.

She would like to start a foundation to organize volunteers, whether it's to provide clothing to kids in need or spend time helping them read.

"If we just stand back and not get involved or look at it as someone else's problem, then our children are the ones that really pay the price for that,” said Crenshaw.

She says her kids are thriving at their Project LIFT school, but she sees many kids who need the extra support.

The Department of Public Instruction released school performance grades this month, showing CMS had more than 30 schools with a 'D' grade or lower.