CHARLOTTE—The FBI has new information on a Cleveland County girl who disappeared 16 years ago.

Asha Degree was 9 years old in 2000 when she left her parents' house around 6:30 a.m.

They haven’t seen her since.

The FBI is now saying a witness saw Degree get into a car, possibly an early 1970s model dark green Lincoln or Ford Thunderbird with rust around the wheel wells.

Shelley Lynch, with the FBI, says they’re still actively investigating Degree's disappearance.

“Even if we've interviewed people before, we're going back now and re-interviewing folks and also looking at whether there are new, potentially new techniques that our lab has, because of advancements in technology, that we might get new leads in that capacity as well,” she said.

And as part of National Missing Children’s Day, FBI officials say they’re also trying to get the word out about other missing North Carolina children.

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