CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- No one taps out with Rev. Jacotron Potts in charge!

"They're going to have to overcome their emotions, give it their all, give it their best, when they want to quit and tap out but they're going to tap back in,” he said. Potts has partnered with the McCrorey YMCA to create the Stronger Program.

  • A new program at the McCrorey YMCA is teaching young men how to reach their potential. 
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The curriculum includes eight daily practices and using fitness to teach young men how to reach their potential.

"Changes their trajectory to be the man that our society absolutely needs,” he said.

Potts used the recent school shooting as a prime example.

"When we see what happened at Butler High School, it's even more critical for us to do these types of programs and make them available for our young people,” he said.

Strong role models helped shape Potts into the accomplished man he is today and now, it's his goal to pay it forward.

Carlton Alexander says one exercise in particular changed his focus --  Potts asked each member of the group to say their name with pride.

"That told me not to be scared or whatever. And so, That really  helped me because I felt more confident in myself,” he said.

Carlton's mom already sees a difference.

"I've seen a major change in my son -- his attitude, he's more confident, it's been good,” Natasha Alexander said.

"Sometimes the conversations go a little deep and that's what we need in this community.  We need someone to build relationships and -- I know that's what's taking place in those circles -- and he is the right person to do that with them,” said Jermarion Young, Sr. a YMCA program director.

"I've been doing this all my life.  It's my life's passion,” said Potts.

It’s a passion that's drives people to make better choices, which leads to a better future for our community.

It's just one reason why Potts earned the title of Everyday Hero.