CHARLOTTE — Young girls in Charlotte are exploring the answers to some of science's biggest questions at Project Scientists' hands-on science lab.

At the same time, dozens of Charlotte-Mecklenburg teachers came together to learn how to better teach science, technology, engineering and math skills in their classrooms.

"My girls are good at STEM, but are they truly engaged in it?" teacher Jasmine Newson said. "They just make the grades because they feel like sometimes, I just got to make the grades."

Newson says some students' dreams are limited when they live in a low-income area. That's why Project Scientist organized the event through PBS's sci-girls foundation.

Project Scientist holds a summer camp at Queens University in Charlotte that aims to teach young girls STEM skills.

"I started Projet Scientist because I dropped out," founder Sandy Marshall said. "I was pre-med and I eventually lost my confidence due to a lack of role models."

Marshall said exposing young girls to women in science fields will give them the confidence they need to succeed.