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Tim Boyum may have grown up in Minnesota, but he has always been a UNC basketball fan at heart. Spending most of his childhood and teen years sporting a Tar Heels hat, it’s no shock that Tim agreed to move to North Carolina before ever stepping foot in the state. Seventeen years later, he can’t imagine living anywhere else. With a cool mountain breeze just three hours away in one direction and the warm beach air in the other, Tim has grown to love North Carolina and all that it has to offer. Not to mention, he can continue to support his beloved Tar Heels in what he calls the greatest sports rivalry of all time against the Duke Blue Devils.

As the first Durham/Chapel Hill bureau reporter, starting during the channel’s 2002 launch, Tim has spent the last 18 years focused on delivering a fair and objective look at politics in North Carolina and the many ways in which these stories affect the population on a daily basis. During Tim’s impressive tenure as a North Carolina politics reporter, the 2016 election cycle has emerged as a standout moment. After hours of live coverage from the floors of both the Democratic and Republican National Convention, supported by an incredible team effort and a tireless commitment to current coverage amidst the chaos, Tim was recognized as one of the top capitol reporters in the country. However, even more than this humbling recognition on the national stage, Tim values his team’s balanced approach to political coverage, honoring the desire to deliver a meaningful product to his viewers.   

With two children under the age of 10, Tim and his wife are kept quite busy. However, luckily for this Tar Heels fan, one of the Boyums’ favorite things to do as a family is to watch sports together.

In addition to cheering on their favorite teams, Tim and his family enjoy attending North Carolina’s State Fair, where Tim shares in his children’s excitement of the many activities just waiting around every corner!