HONOLULU — The Hawaii Department of Transportation dedicated the Harbor Police Building at Pier 15 on Tuesday.

The $5.23 million project renovating the former fire station at Pier 15 will now serve as the headquarters for Harbor Police, who are charged with protecting individuals and property within the Port Honolulu system.

Hawaii Department of Transportation Director Jade Butay welcomed the Harbor Police to their new home. The Pier 15 relocation and renovation added facilities to support diversification of the force and a classroom training center.

Funds for the project came from Harbor revenue. No general fund tax dollars were used.

Harbor Police were authorized in Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 266-24 to conduct enforcement in commercial harbors under the Department of Transportation. Maintaining the security of the state’s commercial harbors is critical, as 98% of imported goods enter Hawaii through its ports.

Harbor Police participate in the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the State Law Enforcement Coalition to keep Hawaii’s ports safe and secure.