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People have long tried to figure out the future—but today, life seems more unpredictable than ever. What can we expect to come our way and will we be ready for it? Longtime journalist and Spectrum News Chief National Political Reporter Josh Robin has asked probing questions of presidents, business moguls, artists and sports figures. In this podcast, he helps us understand what could happen next, in all areas of our lives, from families to work; health to schools; politics to the arts; technology to civility. Join Josh every Thursday as he discusses the future with leaders in their fields, who hold a range of backgrounds and opinions, to help us all imagine “What Could Be.”





Josh Robin
Josh Robin
National Political Reporter

Throughout his extensive career in journalism, Spectrum News Chief National Political Reporter Josh Robin has asked questions of four U.S. presidents, been at the frontlines of major political events and broke a major international news story involving the separation of immigrant children from their parents.

Throughout his 13 years with Spectrum News NY1, Josh has extensively covered numerous New York City, State and national elections, interviewing all recent mayors and governors. Josh’s work has received various Associated Press and New York Press Club awards, and earned him four Emmy nominations.

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