HILO, Hawaii — In a collaborative effort between the Hawaii Police Department, the State Department of Transportation and the County of Hawaii Planning Department, the police department is notifying the public of an islandwide enforcement initiative to clear state highways and county roadways of illegal commercial activities that include street vendors, according to a news release.

Active enforcement will begin Dec. 1. At that time, authorities will begin to actively monitor, address and enforce regulations that prohibit “unauthorized commercial activities on state highways and county roadways across Hawaii Island.”

Individuals caught violating the regulations could face criminal prosecution and fines up to $1,000.

According to county officials, the aim is to ensure roadways and highways are used for what they were designed.

“While we recognize the value and appeal of local vendors in enhancing the vibrant culture of our island, it is essential to maintain order and consistency in the use of public spaces,” stated the release.

The public can contact Kona Community Policing Sergeant Brandon Mansur at 808-326-4646, extension 256 or by emailing brandon.mansur@hawaiicounty.gov with questions or for more information.