Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will start dismantling Jaggar Museum and two other buildings that were damaged during the 2018 eruption on April 8. 

In 2018 at Kilauea summit, magma drained from the chamber beneath Halemaumau crater, and the caldera collapsed, triggering thousands of earthquakes. The seismic activity near the crater affected buildings on Uekahuna bluff, including Jaggar Museum and two U.S. Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory buildings, the Okamura Building and the Geochemistry Annex. Since then, the area has been closed.

On April 8, construction crews will begin to dismantle the exterior walls and roofs of the three buildings, according to a news release. The crews will deconstruct the buildings one section at a time, beginning with the north side of the Okamura Building and Observation Tower and then proceeding to Jaggar Museum and the Geochemistry Annex. 

While the construction project is ongoing, HVNP will also close the restrooms at Uekahuna. The park will provide portable restrooms and there will be no disruption to ranger programs. 

The park will provide updates about construction closures and delays on its new construction webpage.

Michelle Broder Van Dyke covers the Hawaiian Islands for Spectrum News Hawaii. Email her at michelle.brodervandyke@charter.com.