HILO, Hawaii — Hawaii County Mayor Mitch Roth seeks qualified candidates to fill key positions on boards and commissions that play a critical role in shaping the county’s future, according to a news release.

The mayor encourages individuals with the necessary skills, expertise and commitment to public service to apply for the following:

  • Kailua Village Design Commission
  • Board of Appeals
  • Merit Appeals Board
  • Cultural Resources Commission
  • Leeward Planning Commission
  • Windward Planning Commission

These entities are vital to ensuring responsible and sustainable development for communities, protecting cultural resources and upholding high standards in the planning and appeals processes.

Roth stressed the importance of community involvement and diversity on the boards.

“Our boards and commissions are the backbone of effective governance, and we seek individuals with a passion for public service and a commitment to the betterment of our county,” he stated in the release. “Your input and expertise will contribute to the growth and prosperity of our communities.”

Qualified individuals should have a solid commitment to the community, relevant expertise and the willingness to dedicate their time to public service. They are invited to apply online.

Contact Pomai Bartolome at pomaikai.bartolome@hawaiicounty.gov with questions.