The man accused of shooting and killing his former girlfriend is back in custody after a judge revoked his bail.

Shane Casado walked into court Friday on bail and left the courtroom in handcuffs.

Casado was originally released last week after posting $175,000 bail after pleading not guilty to second-degree murder.

He is accused of killing 22-year old Rachael Wierzbicki on Edson Street in November.

The bail amount was made based on a two-fold argument: that Casado had family living in the area, and he would be returning to work if released.

An investigation by the district attorney's office revealed that half of that argument was inaccurate.

While his employer said they would hold his job when asked back when the crime happened in November, it was no longer the case when the bail argument was made last week.

"The blame goes to the defense attorney for not giving the court the full picture,” said Erie County District Attorney John Flynn. “What we did was send our investigator out to get the full picture from the employer. We got the full picture. Gave the court the full picture today and they did the right thing and put him back in jail."

Casado's defense attorneys declined to comment, but argued that their client was not a flight risk and believed he should remain out on bail.

The trial is set to begin August 12. If convicted, Casado could face 25 years to life in prison.