AUSTIN, Texas — Just weeks ago, the City of Austin rolled out the Guadalupe and Lavaca Transit Improvements, which include updates to bike and bus lanes and sidewalks.

  • New changes in effect at 18th and Lavaca
  • Drivers still aren’t obeying the signs

For the past month, Director of Bus Operations Jenn Golech has been monitoring the bus lane at 18th St. and Lavaca St.

"Our buses were significantly caught in congestion there, so it was a way to speed up buses traveling through that area," said Golech. "It's saving our customers about a minute."

Golech believes it could be faster if drivers would pay attention to the signage. Many people continue to drive in the transit lanes.

The lanes were painted red last month, allowing for a bus only left turn lane at the intersection.

"Right now, we are delayed by cars in the lane or box blocking and things like that and we would like to speed up even more," said Golech.

The project could attract seven to ten percent more bus riders as the system becomes more efficient.

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CapMetro is working to address the paint that has become less vibrant, as well as thinking of other ways to mark the lane.

"A lot of what's getting on there is just rubber from the tires of the vehicles and we also probably need a process to clean those lanes," added Golech.

With more than 400 buses traveling through this corridor a day, and typical peak-time congestion, Golech says everyone needs to be on board and paying attention to the signs to keep the road flowing smoothly.

"We really hope that cars will just obey the traffic signals, the laws, don't block the box, so that our buses are able to successfully use this project," she said.