TOWN OF SOUTH BRISTOL, N.Y. -- It’s a nuisance is evident across the lawn of Tom Golisano's sprawling lakefront house.

Goose feathers, and feces, from hundreds of birds have turned his property into a minefield. Now he’s calling on the town of South Bristol to do something about it.

The philanthropist, listed as the 264th wealthiest person in America by Forbes Magazine, told reporters Sunday he is withholding his September school tax payment of $90,000 to the town of South Bristol.

He claims to have approached the town, and the DEC for help previously, only to be met with sympathy, claiming that the recommended measures of fishing line, repellent, noisemakers, decoys and even dogs have had no lasting effect.

Short of killing the animals, which he is not willing to do, the Florida resident says he's not willing to pay someone to live at the house year-round without being reimbursed.

"They just walk up onto the shoreline, they feed off of it, and you should see what it does to the lawn," said Golisano. "I don't think a lot of people have a lot of sympathy, 'here he is with his financial status, and he's not paying his real estate taxes.' On the other side of the coin, I think I've done a lot for this community, and these small towns continue to stick it to me, and I think it's time that has changed."

Town Supervisor Dan Marshall released the following statement Monday night:

"The town is aware of Mr. Golisano’s problem and we sympathize with him. We have had several conversations and contacted both the DEC and the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council on his behalf. Neither were able to provide an effective solution to the issue. The Geese are protected, so there are few options that can be taken. We are not sure if his issue is unique or if there are others on the lake. We intend to poll the other towns that boarder the lake to get an assessment on how prevalent the issue is."