WEBSTER, N.Y. -- The Webster Central School District is changing the names of their school events to accommodate everyone from all backgrounds.

The announcement means that Webster Schools will hold gender neutral events to include students with diverse families.

There are 11 schools in the district.

“They`re human beings and they might be wired a little bit differently so give them the benefit of the doubt,” said parent Bill Von Ahmen.

Events such as dances, teas and socials wills no longer be gender specific.

“It just seems silly,” said parent Shannon Gerbasi. "I think they should keep it the same."

Some parents took to Facebook to voice their frustrations. One calling the announcement sickening.

The school released a statement Monday defending their move to make school events non-gender specific and say it supports all family structures.

The district says that they don't plan on canceling any events this school year.