GREECE, N.Y. — The Greece Town Supervisor is providing more details into sexual harassment allegations by multiple female town employees alleging the former tax collector, Rick Antelli, engaged in sexual misconduct, creating a hostile work environment. 

Supervisor Bill Reilich (R) says that after learning of the alleged behavior last month, the town contacted an employment attorney who investigated the complaints. Reilich says the attorney's findings corroborated the employee claims.

According to court records, one woman claimed Antelli tried to persuade her into a romantic relationship with him, referring to her as a "Goomah," which means Italian mafia man's mistress. In another alleged incident, Antelli is accused of telling a female employee to cover up her pregnancy saying she would be fired if the town learned of her pregnancy.

Reilich says Antelli was asked on multiple occasions to be interviewed, but failed to show up.

In a statement Reilich said, in part, "The Town stands with and fully supports its employees on these matters. Rather than focusing on the unfortunate experiences these women were subjected to over nearly a four-year period, we are fortunate to have settled their claims."

Antelli is no longer employed by the town of Greece. He did not seek re-election in November. 

Antelli's lawyer released a statement, largely denying his role in connection to the allegations and saying Antelli wasn't afforded a full and fair opportunity to participate in the investigation or defend himself. The statement said in part, "Consistent with his prior political strategies, Town Supervisor Bill Reilich has seized this opportunity to mischaracterize the events that transpired to malign Mr. Antelli."