ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Charlie Tan will have to wait until next summer to face trial on federal weapons charges. 

According to court documents Tan's trial is now scheduled for June 25th in Syracuse. 

Tan is accused of illegally buying a shotgun in Cortland County — the same gun authorities say was used to shoot and kill his father Jim in February of 2015 inside the family's Pittsford home. 

Charlie Tan was charged with the killing, but the case was later thrown out by a judge who said there wasn't enough evidence. 

The Pittsford-Mendon graduate has been jailed since his re-arrest in September as he crossed the United States border in Niagara County. 

Tan, who is a Canadian citizen, had been living there since the dismissal of the murder charge. 

Investigators say Tan talked his friend, Whitney Knickerbocker, into buying the Remington 12-gauge from a Cortland Wal-Mart. 

Knickerbocker has never been charged, however earlier this month Tan's attorney's filed a motion for the government to reveal the informants it plans to use in the upcoming trial. 

In that motion Tan's attorneys say they believe Knickerbocker will be used as an informant or co-defendant. 

The motion requests additional information, including whether the government paid or rewarded the informants, or promised immunity or leniency. 

Tan has pleaded not guilty to the three-count indictment and remains in federal custody.