CHARLOTTE -- The trial continued Tuesday for Greg Wheeling, the man accused of killing a woman in a car crash after a Carolina Panthers game last year.

Police say Wheeling left a bar after the game, drove drunk down South Boulevard and hit Kelli Putnam, who died at the scene. 

Not only does the defendant have a past DWI conviction, but he also had a .04 blood alcohol content restriction at the time of the crash.

When he did take a blood test, he clocked in at .13. The defense is not disputing Wheeling's blood alcohol content.

On Tuesday morning detectives with CMPD, who processed the scene, testified.

According to testimony, one detective who talked to the defendant after the crash, said Wheeling was chewing gum and refused a field sobriety test.

But the detective said Wheeling had noticeable signs of possibly being drunk.

The defense meanwhile focused on Kelli Putnam's role in her death. Putnam's blood test shows she had a .20 blood alcohol content. And the defense questioned whether she could have been charged with a crime for jaywalking.