CHARLOTTE - An 11-year old girl is in the hospital recovering after being hit by a car.       

It happened on LaSalle Street Tuesday morning while the girl was walking to her bus stop.

A medic says the young girl is being treated for serious injuries.         

The car involved was still parked in the street hours later, but has now been driven off by the woman who was driving at the time of the accident.           

The girl's grandmother says she walks her granddaughter to the bus stop every morning.

"If she wasn't speeding, my daughter would be here right now," Doris Massey, the girl’s grandmother, said.

Doris Massey said her 11-year-old granddaughter Zion Massey was hit by a red Nissan.

"Wasn't nothing coming, so I said go ahead and cross the road, she stepped off the sidewalk and that's when this car come out of nowhere and then it hit her and threw her up in the air and she fell," said Doris Massey.

"I heard a big noise say boom!” a neighbor said.

Neighbors say the bus stop used to be closer to their home but was recently moved down the street and across the road.

"They should have kept the bus stop on the righthand side instead of moving it on the other side where kids have to run and catch the bus," neighbor Renita Martin said.

Doris Massey says the speed limit of 45 is too high.

"She going to get out of the car and tell me she couldn't stop. You shouldn't be driving so fast!”

There are also no speed bumps or crosswalks in the neighborhood.

Neighbors say about eight kids get on that bus for Bruns Academy.

At this point, police have not said whether the driver will face any charges.