CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Many Charlotte-area organizations will see an increase in their funding for the next fiscal year to better help struggling families with young children.

United Way recently approved $17 million in funding to support 80 organizations that serve hundreds of families in Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas.

United Way’s Executive Director Sean Garrett said: “We have more people than ever before who need support, and our opportunities with our partners is to meet people where they are, so it's critical that we grow every single year.”

One of those agencies receiving the united way's funding is child care resources here in Charlotte. It's an organization that helps families find care and education opportunities for their young children.

Beginning July 1, their united way funding will increase by $33,000 to about $466,000. That will benefit their "Raising a Reader" program.

President of Child Care Resources, Inc. Janet Singerman said “What I want for my children, I want for all children, which is the opportunity to thrive, and for all women and families, which is the opportunity to thrive as well.”

She said the increasing in funding will allow them to expand the program from just 6 months to a year. It’ll bring books to low-income families, so all children can learn to read at a young age.

“Engaging children in a love of books and a love of reading. And bringing books to homes of families who otherwise couldn't afford to have those books available,” Singerman said.

The hope is that love for reading fostered at an early age will stay with them for years to come.

Other agencies that will see an increase in their United Way funding include Hope Haven, Communities in Schools and Charlotte Community Health Clinic.