RALEIGH -- A North Carolina nonprofit is working to make a global impact by partnering with groups in our state to address the critical health needs of mothers and children across the globe.

Curamericas Global provides access to life-saving medical resources moms and their children in our communities and communities around the world, but not without the help of volunteers.  

This "Season of Giving," they're launching a "Mom-A-Thon" to raise awareness and funds as well as telling the stories of mothers and children from near and far.

The virtual race works to help those living in forgotten communities across the world like Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Kenya.  For 26 days, Curamericas is asking us to consider contributing support with the goal of providing life-saving healthcare to 12,500 families. 

For just $28, the homegrown organization can help a mother and her family for a year with life or death medical care and resources. 

Right now, the Mom-a-thon is also highlighting through 26-days of storytelling, the diffierent situations mothers and families have faced. 

If you would like to learn more about Curamericas Global, visit their website.  Also, click here to learn more about the Mom-A-Thon.  And to get involved, please visit their Facebook page.