Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that organizations responsible for the upkeep of 23 springs across the state were awarded $57 million for restoration projects aimed at preserving the springs.

What You Need To Know

  • Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that groups overseeing 23 springs across the state would be awarded $57 million for restoration projects

  • Many of the projects go toward boosting wastewater facilities or expanding recharge zones for springs

  • The St. Johns River project will receive $3 million for restoration

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection worked with four water management districts to identify projects that will work to restore state springs.

The projects include expanding wastewater, stormwater and pollution controls, and water quality projects that will increase spring recharge zones and protect groundwater from added nutrients that can impact the water system.

“Florida is home to more than 1,000 springs, with more large springs than any other state in the nation, which attract visitors from across the world,” said DeSantis. “This $57 million investment will continue to protect water quality and allow Florida’s springs to continue to be a world class tourist destination for years to come.”

The St. John River Water Management District will get $3 million to fund the Marion Silver Springs Septic-to-Sewer Phase 1 to benefit Silver Springs. This project will decommission 212 septic tanks in the Silver Springs Shores community. Additionally, the funds will install a sewer system expansion and transmission force main.

“I want to thank Gov. DeSantis, DEP and all our local partners for their commitment to safeguarding Florida’s springs,” St. Johns River Water Management executive director Mike Register said. “This substantial funding demonstrates the state’s dedication to preserving our natural systems, with a special focus on our springs that uniquely defines the spirit of Florida. Governor DeSantis’ persistent dedication to their preservation is not only commendable, but is also a testament to his unwavering commitment to securing a sustainable future for generations to come.”

Other major projects include $4.46 million for the Crystal River Wastewater Treatment Facility, $1.67 million for the Poe Springs addition in Alachua County and $1.75 million for the Southside Triangle Sanitary Sewer construction to benefit Wakulla Springs.

The state allocated $325 million to assist local governments and stakeholders since 2019, according to the governor’s office. That investment went toward more than 130 projects across the state.