SAN ANTONIO — Texans hold the second highest amount of student loan debt. Many borrowers are desperate for some relief.

Xavier Garza has been a middle school art teacher for nearly 30 years. Becoming an educator came at a cost. Similarly to 43 million Americans, he took out student loans.

“Went and got my master's also,” Garza said. “So it all ended up adding up. Before I knew it, I owed like $42,000.”

According to a Lending Tree report, Texans owe $124 billion in student loans. The average Texas borrower is $41,000 in debt.

“It just seemed like I couldn’t get from out under the loan,” Garza said.

Christina Randell is the president and CEO of My Education Solutions in San Antonio.

“Saving our clients an average of $87,000, with 103% savings,” Randell said.

They specialize in helping people navigate student loan forgiveness.

“There would be student loans resuming Sept. 1,” Randell said. “Whether or not the legal matters have been resolved or not.”

She referring to the Biden administration’s onetime student loan forgiveness proposal. A matter waiting for a Supreme Court ruling. Randell says you have until May 30 to apply for the public service loan forgiveness program.

“That way when student loans does resume, you’re going to have a great low payment that you can afford based off your income and other relevant factors,” Randell said.

After decades of making payments, Garza could finally reach loan forgiveness with the help of MES. A huge relief as his son gets ready for college.

“A whole weight just lifted off your shoulders,” Garza said. “For it to just be gone like that, it was just this great burden that was no longer there.”