Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Capital Tonight anchor Karina Kling to discuss his priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Highlights of the conversation are below. Click the video link above to watch the full interview.

Property tax relief:

“There’s never enough of a savings. It will be in the billions.”

Energy grid:

“We have more people coming to Texas every day…we cannot sit here and count on the wind blowing. If we need 85,000 watts, we need to have 85,000 watts of dispatchable, plus the wind. And the only way you do that is to incentivize people to make the investment because all of the incentives from the federal government and the state have been going to wind.”  

“Fixed for now, but we need to fix it forever. We cannot be the Texas miracle if you can’t turn the lights on.”

School vouchers:

“It’s like a lot of things I’ve been a part of in 20 years in the legislature in the Senate and as Lt. Governor -- I think the time has come. So some big changes take time and I think the time is right and I think we need to listen to our rural districts and help those rural districts so they don’t lose money, as the governor has said, and we can find a way.”

Abortion ban exceptions:

“There are a lot of issues this session where the senators are going to have to make some decisions and bring me their green card with their vote. And if there are votes there on a number of issues then I’ll surely consider it, but right now I’ve heard from two…I don’t know that there’s a groundswell in the House or Senate to do anything, but every session I’m surprised by something, so we’ll see.”