SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio police were out in full force this week making sure words didn’t lead to violence outside the Aztec Theatre.

“We don’t approve this type of entertainment,” Ramon Garza said.

What You Need To Know

  • Protesters and supporters gathered outside the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio this week. The theater is hosting a Christmas-themed drag show

  • Some of the people on both sides were armed, and San Antonio police were at the theater to prevent violence 

  • Members of This is Texas Freedom Force said they were protesting merely because the show isn't appropriate for children 

  • An LGBT advocacy group said there have been at least 10 such protests in Texas this year 

Garza is the vice president of This is Texas Freedom Force. The group was protesting because the show "A Drag Queen Christmas" is in San Antonio. 

“We understand the LGBT has their rights to be whoever they are, and that's fine. They do whatever they want,” Garza said. “We’re just saying children shouldn’t be allowed in this type of entertainment.”

Texas Freedom Force members are usually armed. Although Garza himself wasn’t carrying, a number of people were.

“The very first time I heard about this show, we don’t have to be armed,” Garza said. “But when they said Antifa and the John Brown gun club is going to be here, I said we’ve got to be armed. It’s for our own safety.”

As a mom, Angie Aguirre says drag shows confuse kids, and minors shouldn’t be allowed inside.

“We’ve seen children come in,” Aguirre said. “And shame on these parents that they bring them to these events.”

According to GLAAD, an LGBT advocacy group, there have been 10 protests at drag events throughout Texas.

“We will stand for freedom and we will defend our allies,” Kamiya Factory, Black Freedom Factory president, said. “And we will also extend that privilege to the transgender and LGBTQIA+ community.”

In San Antonio, those protesting were outnumbered by LGBT allies.

“I’m surprised there’s more out there on the other side,” Garza said. “I’ve been following them around Texas and they have not had this big of a crowd.”

He added that his force showing up is not about the lifestyle, but about protecting kids.

“They have every right to be whatever they want,” Garza said. That’s their right. We’re just dying to put an age restriction on the show.”