AUSTIN, Texas — With parents who worked in fitness and owned CrossFit gyms, the Subiono brothers started working out at an early age.  

What You Need To Know

  • Elijah, Ka‘eo and Kulani Subiono are all CrossFit athletes

  • Elijah finished third in his age group at 2022 CrossFit Games

  • Ka‘eo finished sixth in his age group at 2022 CrossFit Games

  • The Subiono family operates CrossFit 2222 in Austin

“Ever since we started CrossFit, it’s always felt like it’s been the right thing,” says Ka‘eo Subiono. 

“When I was 10 years old, that’s when I decided I wanted to go to the CrossFit Games,” said Elijah Subiono. “It’s crazy at the age of 10 I decided to make that my goal.”

Seventeen-year-old Elijah, 15-year-old Ka‘eo and 14-year-old Kulani Subiono all grew up on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. But in 2018, the family moved to San Antonio, Texas, before settling in Austin.

“We were leaving behind a lot and I obviously still miss it to this day,” said Elijah. “But at the same time it all kind of worked out.”

The family continued to follow their passion for fitness and they now operate CrossFit 2222. The whole family is involved in running the gym, even the boys who coach some classes and help with financial aspects of the operation. 

“I love this way of learning and it’s definitely different compared to a normal high school education,” said Ka‘eo Subiono. 

All the guys are home-schooled, which allows them flexibility to work and train at the gym. The brothers are striving to be elite CrossFit athletes with the hope of one day winning the CrossFit Games.

“We don’t want to settle for second or third, we want to win the whole thing,” said Ka‘eo Subiono.

“I want people to think of greatness when they hear our name in CrossFit,” said Elijah Subiono.

Making the Subiono name memorable is something that pushes each of them to pursue their goals in the fitness world.

“When people see the Subiono name, I want them to hear championships,” said Kulani Subiono.

“In the space of CrossFit, I want Subiono to be synonymous with champions and greatness,” said Elijah Subiono. “I kind of see it as like a dynasty.”

To reach those goals of greatness, the brothers all understand the amount of work it will take to get there.

“You have to eat, sleep and breathe CrossFit if you want to make it to that level,” says Kulani Subiono.

The brothers get help from a well-known trainer in the area, David Tillman. They also have each other to motivate them when the workouts get tough. 

“It can be pretty competitive,” said Ka‘eo Subiono.

“It motivates me to work out with them,” said Kulani Subiono.

“Being the oldest, I was always kind of the best, but with me helping them out, they can kind of catch up to me,” said Elijah Subiono. “It makes it a very competitive environment.”

That environment is already proving to be an effective training ground. At the 2022 CrossFit games, Elijah Subiono finished third overall in the 16-17 age group. Ka‘eo Subiono also competed, and he finished sixth in the 14-15 age group. Kulani Subiono was too young to compete this year but is considered the top ranked CrossFit athlete at his age and will be eligible to make it to the CrossFit Games next year.