AUSTIN, Texas — Recent mass shootings across the country have some businesses and organizations wondering how they’ll be alerted if a similar situation occurs near them. That’s where Austin-based AlertMedia comes in. The organization monitors and sends emergency alerts during situations such as an active shooter.

Lately, AlertMedia has stayed busy following recent mass shootings across the country. 

“They told us they bought it just because of Uvalde,” Christopher Kenessey, the CEO of AlertMedia said, referring to a new client who integrated AlertMedia at their company in case of an emergency situation. 

In the past few months alone the company has seen a spike in organizations interested in using their emergency notifications system specifically related to active shooter cases. 

“Unfortunately, I think everybody's well aware of the number of mass shootings that have been happening across the United States, it's hard not to see that,” Sara Pratley with the global intelligence team at AlertMedia said. “We've definitely had an uptick of customers who are coming to us specifically for support there. It obviously resonates very closely to home for people right now.”

AlertMedia works with clients across the world. We took an inside look at the company’s monitoring center where it shows active threats across the globe. 

Once a threat is detected and verified, an alert goes straight to someone’s phone. 

“In addition to our customers being able to receive it through things like email, text message and voice, it also appears on a map, so they have a live experience as well, where they can visually see how close something is to one of their offices or their assets or their employees. They can visualize it in different ways as well through a map view or through a list view and really the way that they want to consume information,” Pratley said. 

According to AlertMedia’s website, it serves more than 3,000 customers in over 130 countries.