SAN ANTONIO — The 3,500 square foot wall space outside San Antonio’s Travis Park Church will soon be covered with a message showing love conquers all.

Albert Gonzales loves painting. He is one of six artists selected for the Travis Park Mural project, celebrating the church’s 175th anniversary. 

“Most people would think oh, just have ugly hands because your hands have scars,” Gonzales said. “But with (the Japanese aesthetic view) wabi sabi, you see it as my hands have a story and there’s beauty within that story.”

Each stained glass window painted will represent the church's inclusion mission. 

“We wanted to make it look like there was multiple windows on the wall,” artist Raisa Melendez said.And that we each tell our story in the window, just like church windows.”

For some of these artists, this work represents so much more.

 “I dig that it’s on a church,” Artist Ashleigh Garza said. “That they are letting them put something up like that.”

Ashleigh Garza says the San Antonio art community is tight knit. That’s why she’s here to support a friend.

“Our friend Victor who was apart of this project, but he recently had a stroke,” Garza said. "We just want to fill in his spot.”

Victor Zarazua was supposed to be the projects lead artist. But until he recovers, his friends are stepping in.

“We have so many artists that are ready to support Victor and help him and his family get his portion of the mural up. We want to try to help him out with the money that he gets paid for doing a job like this,” Garza said.

The community also is pitching in.

“I was really excited to hear they were going to have a mural party,” Gonzales said. “Have people paint on the walls. By doing that it becomes the communities.”

For more information on how to contribute, visit their Go Fund Me site.